Violin Bows

Close copy of an early Baroque bow from c.1685, probably Italian, with a clip-in frog. The convex stick is snakewood with a low tip.
Weight: approx 48 grams. The original of this wonderful bow is in private possession.

My idea of a late Baroque ‘sonata’ bow. I would date it around 1740.
The stick, frog and button are snakewood. Weight: approx 50-54 grams.

Classical “Cramer” bow, Germany c.1770. The stick is ironwood, the frog and button are mastodon (mammoth tusk).
Weight: 51-54 grams. This is a great bow for Mozart and Haydn.

Classical bow as above, in pernambuco. This version weighs 49-52 grams.

Classical French bow, “Cramer” type. The original is by an unknown maker, I would date it after 1770.
The original stick and the copy are bloodwood (Brosimum Rubescens) with mastodon frog and button.
Weight: 50-52 grams. Bloodwood has almost the same specific weight as pernambuco and it has a beautiful warm tone.

Early Romantic bow, probably Vienna 1800-20. The stick made from snakewood.
Sources indicate that the use of these type of bows prevailed in the south of Germany until well into the 19th century.
It is longer and heavier than the previous bow. The frog and button are mastodon, the stick is snakewood.
Weight: 54-56 grams. It is a fine bow for playing Mendelssohn and Beethoven.